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    your legal 'sparring partner'

    MISSION - From their passion for innovation and culture, their academic knowledge and broad practical experience, the founders of the firm developed an expertise in international trade law and the protection of intellectual property rights. In today's complex legal landscape, STARKS consciously opts for this profound specialisation. This enables us to provide you, as an entrepreneur, with the best possible legal assistance.

    Our focus is on the national and international legal support of the cooperation between entrepreneurs. Our lawyers are selected on the basis of specialised knowledge and social skills. They use these qualities to ensure that you, as an entrepreneur, feel safe and secure in the realisation of your projects.

    We like to consider ourselves as your legal 'sparring partner', your 'companion de route' to whom you can present your legal questions and problems when they arise. We also proactively inform you about the legal events that are important for your activities.

    As passionate entrepreneurs, we help you to find the greatest possible added value for all parties involved. In the event of a conflict, we will work with you to find a pragmatic and amicable solution. If an amicable settlement proves to be undesirable or impossible, we will act decisively and use our specialised knowledge and court experience to protect your interests.

    VISION - STARKS creates a stimulating legal framework for all forward thinking entrepreneurs in which a congenial, innovative and sustainable cooperation with fellow entrepreneurs can be developed that results in harmony between man and nature.

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