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    corporate sustainability

    Corporate sustainability is of a great importance to STARKS. Doing business in a sustainable way sounds nice, but requires a strong and conscious commitment. For us, sustainable business means:


    • A sustainable organisation of the office (e.g. by focusing on digitisation, driving electric cars and limiting our energy consumption);
    • A conscious choice of the partners and clients we work with;
    • A social engagement.


    On the one hand we are focusing on the minimising of our ecological footprint, on the other hand we contribute to the solution of the climate problem. That is why, we also support the "Bos voor Iedereen" (Forest for All) campaign of Natuurpunt vzw. In this project Natuurpunt buys lands and ensures that these lands can be used for the growth of fully-fledged forests grow fully-fledged forests on this land. On top of each invoice issued, STARKS donates a certain amount of money that enables Natuurpunt to realise one m² of forest. This is how we try to contribute to a sustainable future.

    As a producer of oxygen, forests after all play an important role in resolving the climate problem. Forests are also crucial for regulating the temperature, filtering of the air and storing water in the soil. Moreover, natural forests are home to many types of plants and animals. For humans and animals, forests are indispensable as an inexhaustible source of pure water and sustainable raw materials, and of course they are also an ideal place to relax. With an afforestation rate of barely 11%, Flanders has the least forests of Europe. So there is a lot of work to be done.

    Since the start in 2011, Natuurpunt has already been able to plant 180,000 m² of new forest. Results of this can bes een amongst others in Ninove, Mechelen, Loppem, Lier, Kampenhout, Aalter, Zomergem, Maldegem and Zottegem. You can find more information about the “Bos voor iedereen” (Forest for everyone) campaign and the operation of nature conservation point on the websites below:


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