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    Freya De Schamphelaere




    In 2020, Freya joined the STARKS team. She graduated as a Master of Law at the University of Ghent in 2017 and took the step into the legal profession after working for several years in Brussels as an intern and researcher.


    Freya specialises in national and international trade law, intellectual property rights and ICT law. As a researcher, she collaborated in the creation of a Belgian data archive which allows research data to be shared and reused. as a result, Freya has profound knowledge in various legal matters concerning data including the property rights of data, the reuse of data, open data and privacy. In addition, her internship at the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice gave her a unique insight behind closed doors of the judiciary.


    Freya's rich experience is a perfect match with the specialisations of the office and offers added value in approaching and handling your case.




    • Researcher, SODHA-project, State Archives, BELSPO, 2018-2020.
    • Master of Intellectual Property Law and ICT – law, 2019.
    • Internship, policy cell Belgian Justice department, 2018.
    • Master of Law, University of Ghent, 2017.




    Dutch, English, French and German


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