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    STARKS' lawyers are experts in the areas of operation of our law firm. We like to work as a team, because it's fun, but above all because by sharing our knowledge, insights and experiences, we achieve the best results in your case.

    Our people are loyal to their specialisation. This enables them to closely follow the latest legal trends and developments within their field of expertise. Because of this profound expertise, our team also regularly organises seminars on developments in our field of expertise.

    STARKS envisages a long-term collaboration. Our lawyers are eager to invest time in getting to know your company and your vision as an entrepreneur. By getting to know your business thoroughly, we are able to detect the legal needs of your company optimally and in a timely manner. A commitment that is appreciated by our clients and that results in a strong relationship of trust.

    We also strongly believe in the strength of the network economy, both within and beyond the legal profession. STARKS therefore closely collaborates with other specialised law firms and professionals by exchanging views, organising lectures or treating particular files. We can therefore also refer you to a reliable specialist for matters that fall outside our specialisation.

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